Cupcakes, Muffins, and an Early Morning – Oh My!

Good morning all!

I baked up these little gems on Thursday night to take to work on Friday for a treat day.  Healthy Banana Oat Muffins – gluten free, no flour, no sugar, no butter or oil.  But they are super tasty, I promise!  And easy.  I also added blueberries to mine this time.  I’ve added choppd walnuts and chocolate chips too in the past. These are really, really good!


Also on Thursday evening I whipped up a batch of funfetti cupcakes – some with cream cheese frosting, some with regular buttercream. And don’t sprinkles (really non-pareils, which I personally think are superior) make everything better? These were for one of Noah’s co-workers whose birthday it was on Friday.IMG_1500

This morning we got up early – around 5:15 so we could hit the road to East Lansing for a photo shoot.  Noah wanted to get out and snap some pictures so that’s what we did. I personally love getting up and out the door early in the mornings – even on weekends – it just makes me feel so accomplished.  Today for instance, we had stopped here and there for photos, ran 3.15 miles, and stopped at the farm market store all before 8:30. Love it!


There’s Noah out there getting his shots…IMG_1507


I just loved the sun coming up in the background with the silhouette of this gorgeous tree and the farm buildings in the distance. It was a beautiful morning!IMG_1514

Not sure if you can really see it real well but, someone cut MSU (Go State!) in the field! Love it! And so pretty with the low-lying fog.

IMG_1517It was a somewhat chilly morning – around 45 degrees when we headed to MSU’s campus around 7 am for our run.  It was just about perfect running weather though.  I still felt like I was riding the struggle bus and Noah’s battling some sciatica/leg issues.  But we made it and finished and now we’re done for the day.

On the agenda for today: taking some items to Goodwill to donate, recycling, grocery store, a gathering at Noah’s sister’s, and dinner and a free concert in East Lansing.

Happy Saturday!



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