Working with Alison

What’s it like to work with me?

Check out what my previous colleagues and coaching clients have to say about it!

From colleagues:

Alison has a hard work ethic, is dependable, and enthusiastic. Alison’s leadership and work ethic are far superior to many staff I have worked with in the past. She takes initiative to take on extra responsibility and finishes all tasks on time, if not early. She takes great pride in working with our program, staff, and community.

Alison has an excellent presence while facilitating; friendly, calm, in control, and accessible.

Alison is always willing to take on additional responsibilities amidst change in order to support the team. She maintains a positive attitude and is willing to assist where needed. Alison has an aptitude for both project and risk review work. Her work is accurate and efficient. She develops and maintains positive internal and external relationships while taking on increasing amounts of responsibility beyond her prescribed role. Alison also provides additional value-added contributions to the team culture as our “Fun Lead” by coordinating celebration of team birthdays and providing treats for staff.  These soft elements help improve overall morale and provide an additional opportunity for team cohesion beyond the day-to day work. 

Alison was my go-to resource. I am grateful for all the help/learning she provided me.

“All of us here…will miss your knowledge, your positive attitude and your unending desire to help us whenever possible.  It’s going to be hard to find someone of your caliber to fill the void you’re leaving has created.”

Alison does a great job of clearly and positively presenting information and does a wonderful job of answering questions. 

From Alison’s clients:

Alison kept me motivated to attend the group coaching sessions. She helped me gain the knowledge I needed to make better food choices and improve my self-esteem.

After working with Alison, I am more aware of the foods I eat, meal prep every week, and make sure I eat breakfast every day.

Alison is great! She helped me see that I need to start working on these lifestyle changes now and not wait.

Alison helped me see that small changes can lead to big results in our lives.

And check out the pertinent professional details in my resume here:

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Alison Bradow Resume – Condensed

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