Homemade Restaurant-Style Salsa

Hi Friends! Happy Saturday! So I’ve been M.I.A. this week due to some baking projects that took up most of my time outside of work.  I started on Tuesday with the fondant decorations, Wednesday was cake/cupcake baking and frosting making, Thursday was Zumba and frosting/decorating cupcakes, and finishing on Friday evening assembling, filling, frosting, andContinue reading “Homemade Restaurant-Style Salsa”

A House, Nutrition Supplements, and Noah’s Photos

So…much has happened in the Bradow household since last we met.  We officially became homeowners yesterday – we closed on our house!  I am so glad that process is over! So much paperwork, back and forth, etc.  It’s a lot of work to buy a house – it seems like the ginormous amount of moneyContinue reading “A House, Nutrition Supplements, and Noah’s Photos”

Sunday, Monday, and some other Randomness

Sunday afternoon was abosolutely gorgeous so Noah and I took advantage and went to check out some trails at a local park we hadn’t been to yet.  We ended up at Meridian Riverfront Park in Okemos – about 30 minutes from where we live now. We walked on about 2 miles of trails which wereContinue reading “Sunday, Monday, and some other Randomness”

Asparagus and Tomato Carbonara and a Hike through Lincoln Brick Park

Easter Sunday was a tranquil yet busy affair in the Bradow household.  After lunch we headed to Lincoln Brick Park in Grand Ledge (about 10 minutes from where we currently live).  I’ve only been to this park one other time – about 2 years ago I think – and had forgotten how nice the parkContinue reading “Asparagus and Tomato Carbonara and a Hike through Lincoln Brick Park”

Broccoli Rice Casserole and Cookie Fail

Happy Wednesday!  Hope you had a fantabulous hump day! Work was blah and dinner was blah, but we went for a walk since the sun was shining so that was nice 🙂 I started my day with some oatmeal – have I told you that I LOVE oatmeal?!? All kinds, regular cooked, baked, overnight/cold, etc.,Continue reading “Broccoli Rice Casserole and Cookie Fail”

A Great Way to Start the Week – Ice Cream, Nature Walk, and Zombies! Oh My!

Variety is the soul of pleasure. – Aphra Behn This just about sums up my life. I NEED variety in my life…I don’t like to eat the same foods everyday, I prefer to run different routes every week, I like to rotate clothes so I don’t have to wear the same outfits all the time, etc., etc.Continue reading “A Great Way to Start the Week – Ice Cream, Nature Walk, and Zombies! Oh My!”