Easy & Delicious 3-Seed Overnight Oats

Have I told you how much I love overnight oats?!? When I discovered them many years ago via the interwebs, I think maybe it was Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers and her tasty cookie dough recipe…they were one of the foods that really changed my relationship with food. My intention around food. My thoughts aroundContinue reading “Easy & Delicious 3-Seed Overnight Oats”

So You Want to Eat “Clean”…

So You Want to Eat “Clean”… here’re some tips to get started. Eating well, eating joyfully, doesn’t have to be hard – including more “clean” foods in your diet can be one way to nourish your body and life.

Three Bean Pasta Salad and Weekend Highlights

Happy Monday, folks!  This past weekend started with a trip to Target after work on Friday – LOVE that store! I know I’m not alone here – what is it anyway?!?  Managed to get out under $30 so I’d call that a win 🙂 Then picked up Noah from work as he returned from travelingContinue reading “Three Bean Pasta Salad and Weekend Highlights”

Banana Blueberry Pecan Coconut Baked Oatmeal

Good afternoon folks! This past week was a weird one for sure – not super busy, but I started getting sick which was a bummer and that kind of just threw me off my game.  It started Wednesday with itchy eyes so I thought allergies were just acting up. But then on Thursday I startedContinue reading “Banana Blueberry Pecan Coconut Baked Oatmeal”