30 Minute Seated / Non-Weight Bearing Strength Workout

You may or may not know that I broke my foot almost 2 weeks ago…. It’s not major, a twisted ankle that ended up in the stretched ligaments pulling off some bone fragments on the top of my foot. I was hiking on a local trail here in Lansing, MI with some friends and family, tripped on a stick and bam! Broken foot! (at least it happened while I was doing something fun!) I’m improving every day and it’s not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, but I’m still in a walking boot and trying not to put too much strain/weight on it as it heals for the next 4-6 weeks.

So, needless to say movement over here has been minimal since I can’t walk or run, but I have been trying to do at least some sort of physical activity every other day or so.

Here’s a strength training workout I created:

This will definitely be on my workout rotation over the next few weeks as my foot heals.

And thank goodness for the internet, because I have also found some quick YouTube videos that incorporate Pilates moves, bodyweight training, and non-weight bearing strength training into some workouts.

If you’re interested in some quick, no/low-impact workouts that you can do at home check these out:
Non-Weight Bearing Workout (15 min)
HIIT Workout (with foot/ankle injury – 20 min)

Remember that movement is essential to our physical and mental health!

Move Your Body to Improve Your Mood (and Brain Health!)

Tell me:

Have you ever broken a bone?

Have you had an injury that sidelined you from activity? How did you cope?

Want even more tips, tricks, and ideas for living well through nature, nourishment, movement and mindset? You know you do!

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