Easy & Delicious 3-Seed Overnight Oats

Have I told you how much I love overnight oats?!?

When I discovered them many years ago via the interwebs, I think maybe it was Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers and her tasty cookie dough recipethey were one of the foods that really changed my relationship with food. My intention around food. My thoughts around food. And they really do bring me so much joy.

These cold-soaked overnight oats are so filling, so satisfying, so sustaining that I know when I eat regular hot oatmeal it’s just not going to measure up.

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These overnight oats will keep me full until lunch. I don’t need a morning snack. They are so versatile – you can really customize the flavors and add-ins however you like.

Oh! And another reason I like these so much – they are perfect for make-ahead, meal prep, whatever you want to call it. I regularly make 4-5 of these to keep in the cupboard (dry ingredients only, please) so I can easily mix them up before bed and then they’re basically ready in the morning.

This 3-Seed version has been my go-to for the last couple years. Why all the seeds? I love the texture they add and all the bonus nutrients!

So what benefits and nutrients do these little powerhouses provide us?

  • Chia seeds = fiber (gut & heart health, satiety); protein (satiety & strength); antioxidants (cancer fighting properties), vitamins/minerals – magnesium, calcium, manganese & phosphorous (bone health)
    • Additionally, chia seeds have been shown to have anti-inflammatory and insulin regulating properties
    • And fun fact! Chia is the ancient Mayan word for “strength” – and these tiny little nutrient powerhouses are strong on nutrient density!
  • Flax seeds = protein (satiety, immune function); healthy fats (Omega-3s); fiber (gut & heart health, cholesterol & blood sugar lowering); antioxidants (cancer fighting properties); and vitamins/minerals – magnesium, phosphorous, B Vitamins, potassium
    • Also – flax seeds have been shown to lower blood pressure – another heart health win!
  • Hemp seeds (hearts) = protein (a complete plant-based source!); fats (Omega-3s and -6s, great for immune and skin health, and – hormone health!); and vitamins/minerals – magnesium, Vitamin E, calcium, potassium, iron!
    • Also, hemp seeds have been show to have anti-inflammatory properties great for heart health
    • And bonus – these add the best texture to the oat mix!

These oats are like the most perfect, super-seed, nutrient packed hearty breakfast around!

3- Seed Overnight Oats Recipe

Download the recipe today, give ’em a try, and let me know how you like these awesome, nutrient-packed, overnight oats!

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