Building Better Habits

A podcast…

I appeared on a recent episode of the Marketplace Ministry podcast, talking with Jason about Building Better Habits. This was so fun and I can’t wait to do some more podcasting and showing up “in person”/ via video (on Instagram – check me out there!) and maybe audio on Clubhouse.

Give this quick podcast episode a listen and let me know what you think! (Also available wherever you listen to podcasts!)

Thanks for listening!

And a blog series…

Have you read my 4-part blog series on Building Better Habits? If not here are all 4 articles linked in 1 place:

And now is a great time to re-focus on building better habits as many of us who have made New Year’s Resolutions or intentions may have gotten off track. Here are some additional resources to help you on your way to developing better habits, optimizing your life, and living more joyfully:

Want even more tips, tricks, and ideas for living well through nature, nourishment, movement and mindset? You know you do!

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