She’s Back!

Hello Friends!

It’s been entirely too long – but there have been awesome and exciting things happening around here.

Where to start? My favorite: we finally moved into our new house!



Also, I got a promotion at work! Here’s my fancy new head shot I got to take 🙂


We ran a 10k last weekend.  My first 10k – I like running 6 miles, it’s a great middle distance.  But I missed a turn on the course and ended up running a 1/3 of a mile extra. Oh well! It was still a great course and my time was decent.


Also we signed up for the Detroit Full Marathon in October! Yikes! So we’ve been running more, which I like, but we have yet to get above 6 miles – which was the 10k last weekend…time to buckle down with training.  Well, maybe after the summer get-together at our good friends’ Joanne and Travis’ this weekend 🙂

Hmmm…those are the biggies that come to mind right now. My hope is that now that we’re getting more settled in our new home, I’ll have more time to cook and blog about it 🙂

Hope all is well with everyone out there!



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