Chorizo and Egg Tacos = Brinner

Good evening, folks! Yesterday was a busy day, but it started with this beautiful sunrise.  What a great way to start the day!


Then lunch at work was this bowl of goodness: quinoa, kale, and veggies.  It was tasty too! (Today’s lunch was slightly modified with quinoa, spinach, chard, kale, and different veggies, but was just as good!)

Quinoa, Kale, Veggie Lunch

I left work early yesterday for a routine doctor’s appointment, then headed downtown to check out a new (to me) fitness place for a circuit training class.  My friend, Becca, has been going to FLEXcity Fitness just about as long as they’ve been open (about 2 years), but I just bought a Groupon for 3 classes and met Becca there for my first class yesterday.  The classes take place in the gym’s small space, but they have enough room/equipment to accommodate about 24 people. Yesterday’s class had three groups of 8 rotating between TRX straps, spin bikes, and treadmills.  I was super sweaty after the class and felt challenged throughout.  Definitely worth a try and I am sore today so it definitely worked!  We were only at each station for 4 or 6 minutes so I never got bored of the exercises.  If you’re in the Lansing or Grand Rapids area, do yourself a favor and head to FLEXcity for a class or two – you won’t regret it! So much fun and such a great workout!

After class at FLEXcity, we headed to Leo’s for Team Trivia – we did pretty well last night and finished in 2nd place. And we had a great time so all in all it was a really great Tuesday!

Today after work I headed to the gym, but wasn’t feeling super motivated so I just stuck to some treadmill walking and light elliptical work before doing a few ab exercises and stretching.

Dinner tonight was actually “brinner” – breakfast for dinner. And it was super delicious! Chorizo and egg tacos topped with cotija cheese, avocado, cilantro, homemade salsa, and hot sauce. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm! The leftover chorizo and eggs will be yummy for breakfast tomorrow too!Chorizo and Egg Tacos

We also had this colorful and refreshing fruit salad of pineapple, blueberries, and strawberries. So good and a great reminder of summer since it was gloomy and rainy all day today.


I’m planning to go to bed early tonight so that I can try to catch up on some sleep and hopefully get up early in the morning to go running.

Have a lovely, lovely evening!


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