Memorial Weekend – Part II and The Head and The Heart

Good evening friends!

I know it’s so long after the fact, but I just wanted to share the rest of the highlights of our Memorial Weekend with you.

Sunday afternoon on our way home from South Haven we stopped in Holland.  The Tulip Time Festival was a couple weeks ago so we missed peak tulip season but it was still nice to check out the city as neither Noah nor I had ever been there.  We ate lunch in Centennial Park near downtown Holland. It was a gorgeous afternoon.


And we still got to see some pretty, pretty tulips too!






I thought this fountain was so cool the way the moss was growing on it.


These tulips were my favorite.  Called “Sorbet” they looked like someone had painted the pink coloring on with a paint brush. Another example of nature’s awesomeness!IMG_1305

It was nice to be home on Monday before having to go back to work.  I started the day by squeezing some fresh OJ for breakfast! Nothin’ like it! Yum!IMG_1307

We also has a “big breakfast” of pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon. Also very yummy!


We spent the rest of the day at the grocery store and going to the movies to see X-Men: Days of Future Past. Great movie! Have I mentioned how much I love comic book/superhero movies? Well, they are my favorite, and the new X-Men movie did not disappoint. Definitely go see it if you get the chance – and stay all the way through the final credits 🙂

For dinner we grilled up some polish sausages and I made this delightful cheesy cauliflower as a side. It’s pretty easy and super yummy.  I feel like it’s a great substitute for macaroni and cheese because you get all the great cheesy goodness without all the carbs (read gluten – unless I use gluten-free pasta). Recipe coming soon. I promise!


It’s not the prettiest dish, but super tasty none the less!


We also had this delicious spinach salad topped with sugar snap peas (one of my faves!), cucumbers, bell pepper, tomatoes, and celery. I LOVE salads too!IMG_1313


Last night we went to see The Head and The Heart in concert at the Kalamazoo State Theater.  It’s a great venue, but it was a general admission show so the vibe was a bit different than when we saw Amos Lee there in March.  That crowd was, on average, about 20 years older than the TH & TH crowd.  We ended getting there last night right as the doors were opening so we were lucky to get seats up close – in the 4th row! – but didn’t realize that as soon as the opening band went on all the college-age concert goers were going to bum rush the stage.  Oh well, it was pretty entertaining to just watch all the inebriated college kids at the show too.



As always TH & TH put on a great show (that was the 4th time we’ve seen them and they’re just great every time!) and the opening act – Lucius was pretty good too.  We didn’t get home until like midnight which is about 2 hours past my normal bed time so needless to say I am a bit tired today.

I did manage to make it to Zumba though which was fun as always.

That’s really all for now, catch ya on the flip side! TGIF tomorrow!!!!!!


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