Amos Lee Covers “Like A Virgin”

So I may have mentioned that I’m a pretty big Amos Lee fan – Noah and I have seen him live 4 times. He’s awesome every time and I just really love his music.  It’s the type of music that fits no matter what mood I’m in – sad, happy, content, contemplative – it doesn’t matter. It’s always good and always makes me feel great.

I just finished watching an older episode (like 3 episodes before the season finale) of Grey’s Anatomy and at the end I heard this pretty song in the background…I recognized it as “Like a Virgin” after a couple lines, then thought “That sounds like Amos Lee, but no. That can’t be. That would just be weird.” Well it was Amos Lee covering the Madonna song.  How I missed the fact that this happened on the show a few weeks ago is beyond me, but the cover was amazing!

I shouldn’t be surprised one bit – all of Amos’ stuff is amazing – original songs, covers, it doesn’t matter. At the last show we went to he and his band did a cover of “Single Ladies” by Beyonce as a bluegrass rendition. Musical amazement – it was AWESOME!

Anyway just super excited at this new musical discovery – so please listen and enjoy!

Amos Lee Cover of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin”


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