Girls on the Run and a Trip to the Park

On Saturday we arrived at my parents’ house just before my mom got home from picking up my two youngest nieces to spend the afternoon with while my brother and sister-in-law went to the movies and my older niece was at her cousin’s volleyball meet. My brother and sister-in-law saw Godzilla and even my sister-in-law really liked it (she and I have similar tastes in movies) so Noah may be able to talk me into seeing it…

When my mom got to the house with Jillian and Josie, we decided it would be nice to walk down to the park a few blocks from my parents’ house before dinner.  It was a little chilly and a bit windy, but it was a nice afternoon with the sun shining on us.

Josie Jane!


As we were leaving the park we saw these Canadian geese in the river with their 3 little baby geese!


Not sure if this was the first time Josie discovered dandelions, but she sure did love them! On one of them I told her to make a wish before she blew off the fuzzies, and she wished {out loud} for a teddy bear. Just the epitome of cuteness!IMG_1149

Pretty, pretty tulips blooming at my parents’ house.


A sweet little violet picked for me by sweet little Josie 🙂


And then there’s Jillian – what a goofball!



Grandpa and Josie

Saturday evening we took Josie and Jillian with us to dinner at The Grasshopper – a local Mexican restaurant that my family has been eating at for decades.  This (plus home cooked Mexican) is what I grew up on so pretty much everything is compared to this delicious Tex-Mex food.

Then on Sunday we got up early(ish) to head to Ypsilanti for the Girls on the Run 5k event.  Hannah participates in the program at school but Jillian’s still too young.  She’ll get to join the program though next year when she’s in 3rd grade. This is just a great program that incorporates self-esteem and empowerment lessons for young girls with a running program. Hannah seems to really like it and has fun with it too!

My sister-in-law, Nikki, Hannah, Jillian, and I all ran the 5k this year. And these girls were amazing! They both ran the entire 3.1 miles.
IMG_1158I’ll definitely being doing the 5k again next year with Hannah and Jillian and Nikki, and hope that my brother and Noah will consider joining us as well! What a great way to encourage and empower young girls and spend time as a family!

Well it’s a beautiful day here in MI today, so I am sitting on the balcony at our apartment as I type this, but alas, I must be productive this evening and get dinner started. Barbecue chicken and oven roasted green beans here we come!



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