Weekend Recap: How delightful!

This past weekend started off with this yummy dinner Noah and I cooked on Friday night – Vegetarian Tortilla Casserole.  Recipe coming soon! Easy to make, light and tasty!IMG_1026Then I enjoyed this delicious chocolate covered marshmallow – made by Grocer’s Daughter Chocolates – that was part of my birthday box from Joanne! I LOVE marshmallows  – this one was for sure homemade and so fluffy!  And I’m pretty sure I have a dark chocolate covered marshmallow yet to try. 🙂

IMG_1025I also discovered this holdover birthday treat from the birthday box as well…a new Bondi Band! I wore it for an early Sunday morning run – 2.8 miles in just over 26 minutes – not bad.  Other than a quick 8:10 minute mile on the dreadmill at the gym on Saturday I hadn’t been out running since the half marathon last weekend.IMG_1032 More birthday gifts! I sure am one lucky gal! We had dinner with Noah’s parents on Saturday night and they give me this lovely hanging basket of impatiens for our balcony.IMG_1040After dinner on Saturday we did some shopping so I could pick up a baby shower gift for my dear friend, Natalie. Her husband, JT, and Noah have been friends since middle school and I have been lucky enough to get to know Natalie over the years that Noah and I have been together. She’s an awesome woman that’s for sure!

Picked up this cute little sleeper (I LOVE whales!) and bibs for the new little girl Natalie is expecting…not pictured the sleeper and bibs for the new little boy that Natalie is also expecting! She’s having twins! Crazy!

IMG_1033 Another thing I love: brown paper packages tied up with strings.  Okay be honest – who just sang that in their head to the tune of My Favorite Things in the Sound of Music. Great musical movie!


Shower gifts – twice the loot, twice the fun, twice the crazy kids! I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have twins! (Plus they already have a 3 year old son!)

IMG_1047Friday night, Saturday during the day, and Sunday morning were spent making cupcakes for Natalie’s shower. I tried some new recipes – blueberry buttercream frosting and gluten free chocolate cupcakes.  They both turned out well and people seemed to like them.IMG_1042



This peanut butter buttercream frosting is to die for! So good! It would make cardboard taste good probably.IMG_1045

Happy Monday! Enjoy the rest of your evening and feliz Cinco de Mayo once again! 🙂


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