The Best Birthday Breakfast Ever!

Good morning! So I have the day off work today and it’s already been a great day!  Just wanted to share some birthday awesomeness thus far 🙂

Some of the birthday swag I got from my family: a Target gift card from my mom and dad (along with some new floor mats for my car – not pictured), a new Mexican mask from my Aunt Sharon, handmade bracelets from my nieces, and a RunnerBox gift box coming soon from my brother and sister-in-law.IMG_0991And why not wear my other favorite Bondi Band (they must be all sold out on the website as I didn’t see it there) on my birthday?! It’s not the heavy sweat wicking kind like my other ones, but it still works great to absorb some sweat and keep my hair off my face for less intense gym workouts or Zumba classes. This one’s close in the running with the I Run So I Can Eat headband.  Also, what better way to celebrate another year of life and health than a quick trip to the gym?!?


After the gym Noah and I came home to cook breakfast – chilaquiles (will be sharing the recipe soon), scrambled eggs, refried beans, and avocado.  This is one of my – if not the #1 – favorite meals ever!  The chilaquiles have to be served with fresh sliced onion and cilantro – that’s what really makes the dish. When I eat this I feel like I’m back in Mexico. LOVE!IMG_1001

Also purchased the new Ray LaMontagne album that came out today.  Definitely a departure from the rest of his music – a completely different sound – more 60s/70s psychedelic (?) rock feel, but still liked it okay.  Pretty groovy, I guess.  Off to get ready for the rest of the day!



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