5, 13.1, and 32

Last week at work ended on Friday with a lunch out with a couple girlfriends at work – we went to Qdoba, but I skipped my normal burrito bowl for something a little lighter – chicken taco salad.  Just as tasty, but instead of all the rice and beans, the delicious toppings sat on a bed of crispy romaine.  I did pretty well with my promise to myself of not eating “bad” food and drinking no pop or alcohol for the couple weeks leading up to the race.

And I LOVE salads so this was yummy, of course!


Friday was also my and Noah’s 5th wedding anniversary.  We kicked around a couple different ideas of fun outings to celebrate, but finally settled on dinner and a movie.IMG_0952

We went to Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe for dinner.  I got the Chicken Monterrey with broccoli instead of rice and while it was good, it was not spectacular. Honestly, I’m always really excited to eat there, but then usually disappointed with their entrees.  I think I’ll probably just stick with their appetizers for a meal next time – their lettuce wraps, firecracker chicken, and potato skins are all pretty good.


We got home late from the movies (Captain America: Winter Soldier – very good!  Glad we finally got to see it! I also really LOVE superhero/comic book movies!)

Although we got home late, it wasn’t too late for some cheesecake!  The tropical/mango cheesecake I made for the occasion was really good!  I’ll share the recipe with you all soon 🙂

While it did crack (I think I over baked it a little) I think it was mostly due to the pineapple/mango fruit spread that was swirled in before baking. Noah and I really enjoyed it as did my family when I took some down there to share with them on Sunday.


We had the cheesecake on these uber cute dessert plates we have.  We hardly ever use them – I’m not really sure why?! – but I love them! My bridesmaids/girlfriends/family and I painted a set of them during my bachelorette party/festivities.  So much fun and whenever we use them I get to remember those fun times which were 5 years ago already!  I think these 2 particular plates were painted by yours truly and my dear Aunt Sharon.


Saturday morning we had this delicious breakfast before hitting the road to head down to Toledo to pick up our race packets. Migas (scrambled eggs with tortilla chips mixed in about halfway through cooking), turkey smoky links sausage, and oranges and kiwi. So delicious!


On the 2 hour car ride down to Toledo, OH from Lansing – we carbed up on this yummy cereal snack mix: regular Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, and Corn Chex.  Pretty yummy! (The leftovers along with a banana were my breakfast this morning!)


Saturday after packet pick-up and wandering around the expo, we headed to Adrian and hung out and had dinner with my mom. My dad came back a little later on Saturday from up north where he was turkey hunting (no luck this year! Sorry you didn’t get a turkey Dad!)  We all went to bed fairly early on Saturday as we had to get up at 4:15/4:30ish to head back down to Toledo for the half marathon which started at 7 am.

Getting all my gear around for the race!

My favorite Bondi Band! Just about sums up my life! 🙂IMG_0964

Um, it was a little chilly…but we were ready as we were ever going to be!IMG_0990
And after the race…we survived! Our 3rd half marathon together and we both PRed! I finished just a couple minutes ahead of Noah but up until mile 9 we ran together.  The Glass City Half Marathon was a great course! Started on the campus of the University of Toledo, wound through some beautiful residential neighborhoods in Ottawa Hills, through the Wildwood Metropark, back through the neighborhoods, and finished in the football stadium on campus. And the swag wasn’t too bad either! We got really nice tech tees, glass mugs (Toledo is the Glass City after all!), and 2 free beers (which we did not wait around for). We will definitely be running this race again sometime…maybe even the full marathon next year!IMG_0972

IMG_0975One reason we didn’t wait around for the free beers was because we had to eat some delicious hashbrowns at the Waffle House!  We don’t have any Waffle Houses in MI, so we try to hit them up when we can (if we’re farther “down south” for any reason).  We ate at a Waffle House after our Flying Pig half marathon in Cincinnati 2 years ago so it just seemed like the right thing to do this year too.

I like my hashbrowns with tomatoes, jalapenos, cheese, and sausage gravy – covered, diced, peppered, and country.  Though I might leave off the cheese next time and just let the sausage gravy shine 🙂 Delicious!


After we got back to Adrian on Sunday we rested up a bit and my brother, sister-in-law, and nieces came over to eat dinner, have birthday dessert and help me celebrate turning 32 (tomorrow!)

My mom made this delicious gluten free chocolate chip cookie cake – double layer with buttercream in between!2014-04-28 My beautiful nieces- Hannah, Josie, and Jillian – and me. Absolutely LOVE these girls!IMG_0978

Almost the whole fam (someone had to take the pic – thanks, Noah!) – Dad, Mom, Josie, and my sister-in-law, Nikki; front: Hannah, me, Jillian, and my brother, ChristopherIMG_0981

And switch! Thanks, Christopher for taking this one so Noah could be in a photo too! IMG_0985

I went out for a nice birthday lunch with some more girlfriends from work today.  Then Noah and I went grocery shopping – had to get fixings  for breakfast in the morning – Chilaquiles!  We got caught up on Game of Thrones, but now I should be going to sleep as I have the day off tomorrow, but lots planned: gym, breakfast, free coffee from Biggby Coffee, renewing my license plate, a haircut, shoe shopping, sushi dinner, and bar trivia! Should be a wonderfully busy and fun-filled birthday tomorrow!


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