Running Gear and Randomness

After work Noah and I went for a 3.something mile run…it felt okay, but I must’ve done something to my foot because it’s been hurting terribly since Sunday.  It’s like the outer mid part of my left foot, it’s not bruised, swollen, or sore to the touch so I don’t think it’s broken, but it hurts like a mother when I walk.  The run started out okay, but by the end I was feelin’ the pain again in my foot.  The good news is that it didn’t hurt as bad running as it does when I walk. Strange, but I’ll take it.

Before our run, I had to get all geared up…some of my favorite running gear items!


Featuring L-R:

Garmin Forerunner 220 – new to me (as of a week ago) GPS watch. Love it already!

RooSport pouch – I’ve had this for a few months now and couldn’t do without it. I was carrying my iPhone in it, but since I got the Garmin watch a week ago, I’ve been carrying my iPod and chapstick.  I also plan to carry some chews and gum with me during the half marathon this weekend.  This has been a great addition to my running gear arsenal as I was getting super fed up with my arm band to carry my phone – it just kept slipping and slipping down my arm; also didn’t really care for a belt I have as that would just bounce constantly while I was running.  The RooSport stays perfectly in place and I barely even know it’s there.

Bondi Band moisture wicking headbands that I absolutely cannot live without! These soak up my sweat, stay in place and keep my short hair (which doesn’t fit in a pony tail) and bangs off my face.  One cool thing about this company is that they donate 10% of their proceeds to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston – as someone who’s family has recently been devastated by cancer I can totally appreciate this extra little bit of giving to help in this great cause.

Puma Sport Sunglasses – just got these about a week ago as well and lovin’ ’em too! They’re not so sporty that I feel like I look ridiculous, but they wrap around my face and eyes enough that the sun doesn’t get in.  These are a huge improvement over my other prescription sunglasses that were just not made for running or being active.

And dinner tonight was…

IMG_0934 IMG_0937

“Randomness!”  This usually happens when we go running or work out after work and I don’t cook dinner.  Sometimes Noah will just eat leftovers, but tonight he made himself a sandwich as he is not as fond of randomness for dinner as I am.  This was a tasty one tonight though: a couple of pieces of turkey and turkey pepperoni, a cheese stick, avocado rice cakes, and an apple with peanut butter.

We got a different kind of peanut butter at the store recently – Krema Smooth and Creamy Natural.  We picked this brand which we had never tried before because it’s NuVal score was more than twice as high as some of the other PBs we usually buy.  The only ingredient is peanuts! Imagine that!  Anyway, the peanut butter is pretty good and I’ll probably continue buying it.

I just learned about the NuVal system at a lunch and learn session my work put on last week.  I was pretty interested, so Noah and I tried it out when we went shopping at Meijer for our weekly groceries this past weekend.  It will take some time, but we already made a couple of trade-ups for foods with higher NuVal scores.

I’m pretty excited for tomorrow as I am going back to Zumba after work tomorrow night.  I haven’t been in ages – almost a year maybe – and am really looking forward to it.

We’re almost to the weekend! Getting there, slowly, but surely 🙂




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