Chicken Tacos and Chillin’

Today was my Friday at work, which was fantastic (the fact that it my last day of work for the week, not the actual work!).  One thing about work that was nice was a group lunch outing with 7 of my co-workers for a great guy who’s transferring to a different department.  I had a decent Greek salad with grilled chicken.  The salad itself was pretty good as was the Greek dressing, but there was something weird about the chicken…kind of had a grayish skin like the skin-side of fish does sometimes…not sure what that was about?!?  For some reason this particular restaurant has okay food, but it seems like there is always something just a little off.  One great thing they have going for them is house made kettle potato chips with a delicious, creamy garlic-y dip…so good – those could be my entire lunch, but I have a little more sense than that usually.

My culinary adventures of the day were redeemed with dinner tonight – chicken tacos!  I LOVE tacos and pretty much all Mexican food/food I can put hot sauce on/cilantro/corn tortillas.


Noah grilled up the chicken breasts and we have some leftover chicken and fixin’s so I’m looking forward to a taco salad soon…


My tacos included chicken, tomatoes, green pepper, cotija cheese, fresh lime juice, cilantro, salsa, and hot sauce.

I always have corn tortillas for my tacos (at home and in restaurants) – both because of the gluten factor in flour tortillas, but also because I love corn tortillas…I might’ve already mentioned that (?) 🙂  And I always make myself one extra tortilla (read – fry an extra one – that’s the best way to cook store bough corn tortillas) and eat it at the end of dinner with just a little salt on it. So good!

My evening was spent chillin’ and readin’.  I am really enjoying the new (to me) Jack Reacher book, Never Go Back, by Lee Child.  Does anyone else read these books? I just love the character of Jack Reacher – I’m sure there’s someone like him somewhere in the world, but he seems like a completely unrealistic character.  Really just a bad ass though – which is awesome! Nobody messes with him.  And he’s super smart too! A nice relaxing evening (for me anyway – Noah paid bills – boo!).

Tomorrow we’re planning to go to the gym bright and early (we haven’t been in forever!), then some household chores, shopping (Target?!?!), my cousin’s high school quiz bowl state finals at Michigan State, dinner with my parents, aunt, and cousins.  Sounds like an awesome Friday and I am most certainly looking forward to the day off!




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