The Long Run and Avocados

Sunday afternoon already! Sometimes I wonder where the weekend goes?!? It seems like on weekends where we don’t do much, don’t go many places, and have no real plans, the time just flies right by.  I do enjoy these weekends, but wish they lasted longer!

This afternoon B1 and I had a friend join us for our long run of 8.5 miles.  Becca came along and it was super fun to see her on the weekend (I usually only get to see her at work!) and have another runner join Noah and I! So glad you came, Becca!  Overall the run felt good, but I’m sure I’ll be feeling it tomorrow.  I’ll try to head that off with some good stretching, foam rolling, and hydration (I’m generally pretty bad at hydrating properly – something I’m trying to work on!).

Becca and me post-run.  Yes, there is still a LOT of snow on the ground everywhere.  But the sun is out today and it’s in the 40s so I’ll take it!

Don't let that all that snow fool you - it's up to 44 degrees outside!
Don’t let all that snow fool you – it’s up to 44 degrees outside!

Post-run snack? Mashed avocado with red and black pepper and Happy Salt on rice cakes (and string cheese – not pictured).  What is Happy Salt, you ask? Only one of the most delicious seasonings I’ve come across.  Originally my Aunt Sharon introduced me to it, then I went to Shipshewana on the Road (a traveling flea market) and bought about 8 bottles of the stuff…this is my last one which means I’ll either have to make a trip to the real Shipshewana in Indiana or keep my eye out for the traveling market coming to MI sometime soon. It’s salt, pepper, garlic powder (?), oregano (?)…not really sure as the exact spices are not listed. It’s a delicious secret!

Avocado rice cakes!
Avocado rice cakes!

I’m kind of obsessed with avocados and would eat them every day if I could…I love them smashed up like the photo above on rice cakes, made into guacamole, sliced with eggs, on Cobb Salad, etc., etc.  A recent discovery is that you can use a pastry cutter to smash up the avocado (also works well for mashing bananas) and it works beautifully! If you have a pastry cutter, try it!

Use a pastry cutter to mash avocados or bananas - works beautifully!
Use a pastry cutter to mash avocados or bananas – works beautifully!

Gotta run (not literally, thankfully!) – trying a new recipe for dinner – Cheesy Broccoli, Chicken and Rice Casserole.

What’s on the menu for you tonight?

Do you like (love) avocados as much as I do? How do you like to eat them?

Have a lovely week, folks!


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