Happy Friday!

Happy Friday and Good Morning!

Yesterday was a crazy day!  Work was weird since one of my friends quit yesterday to go work for another company 3 hours away. Stephanie’s boyfriend lives in Traverse City so they’ve been doing the long distance thing since she moved to Lansing a year and half ago.  She will be very happy not to have to only see him on the weekends and she’ll be closer to her family who will now only be 5 hours away instead of 8 like they were when she lived in Lansing!  We’ll miss Stephanie, but wish her all the best and know that this will be the best thing for her.  Plus, Noah and I will have someone to go visit in Traverse City now!


Stephanie, me, and Noah before the Lansing 1/2 Marathon last year

Last night after work we met up with some friends in downtown Lansing for happy hour and dinner at Edmund’s.  I like this place okay – their food is usually pretty good, but the service is always really weird.  Sometimes it’s just bad service – even if they’re not busy.  Last night the service was okay, but our waitress was new and said this was her first job (ever?) so she didn’t really know about any types of beer, cider, liquor or drinks in general.  It was kind of rough, but comical none the less. She was really sweet though so that made up for it, I guess.  It was great catching up with Matt & Cassie (who are getting married in September! So excited!), Kate and Dan, and Pat and Kayla.  And my meal was delicious! I had the barbecue chicken hash which was super yummy and a new menu item since I’d last been to Edmund’s. It was their breakfast potatoes, cheese, grilled peppers and onions, topped with barbecue chicken! Yum!


Today a group of us are going out to lunch to wish Stephanie well before she moves from Lansing. Then after work Noah and I have a 4 mile run planned.  Probably will be a quiet Friday night, but that’s okay 🙂 After all the taco talk on the FB page on Tuesday, I’m thinking tacos are on the menu for dinner tonight.

What about you, what do you have planned for Friday and the weekend?


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