More Houses and Pizza

Just another day in paradise…after work Noah and I met with our real estate agent to see 3 more houses. One of them was a second look and we’re probably going to make an offer. However, until we get our inspection and everything checks out okay I’m not holding out too much hope. I am however remaining cautiously optimistic.

Because we got home late and there was no time to make dinner and no leftovers to eat, we had pizza! The only piece of mail we received was a coupon from Marco’s Pizza. So it just seemed like the right thing to do (and probably better than our other option – McDonald’s). Not the best – certainly not as good as Hungry Howie’s as far as chain pizza goes – but tasty none the less. And what were our two toppings? Olives, of course! And pepperoni too.  We enjoyed our pizza while watching Monday’s The Blacklist episode. Liz finally found out the truth about Tom! Yay!

What’re your favorite pizza toppings? Does anyone else watch The Blacklist?



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